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Mission Statement
We, the members of the Hinsdale School District, are committed to meeting the needs of all students in a respectful, safe and secure environment that encourages individual learning and instills the learning process. Together, school and community strive to nurture life-long learning to promote an informed society.

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Superintendent Search

Thanks to the hard work of the Superintendent Search Committee we are now at a point where we are bringing forward two candidates in the process. On Wednesday, December 2 there will be three sets of forums followed by school board interviews.

The forums are:
Teacher and staff forum- 3:45- 4:15 and 4:20-4:50 This forum will be held in the HMHS Library
Parents, students and community forum- 5:00-5:45 and 5:50-6:35 in the HMHS cafeteria
SAU Staff Forum- 3:45- 4:15 and 4:20-4:50 in the SAU conference room

We hope you will make every effort to participate in these forums as your input would be most appreciated.

School Is Open!!!!

The opening of school is always an exciting time, both for students and staff. The staff has been busy preparing for the first day and the arrival of students allows them the opportunity to see their preparation take effect. For students, the first day is filled with excitement as well as some anxiety. Once the day begins, the anxiety starts to ebb and the excitement and anticipation remains.

The opening of school is always highlighted by the concept of promise. It is a time to start afresh with endless possibilities. It is a time to continue the journey of life -long learning, for our students and our staff. We all look forward to a terrific year. Let the voyage continue.

With thanks for a smooth opening,
The SAU 92 Administrative Team

Hinsdale Middle / High School Website

Please note that the URL for the Hinsdale Middle / High School website has changed. Please update any bookmarks you may have. The new HMHS website is also undergoing reconstruction. So, please be aware that not all of the information may be up to date or accurate while this work in ongoing. If you have any questions or concerns please call the HMHS main office at 336-5984.

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